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How much cooking experience do I need to make your recipes?

To be honest, my recipes are not written for a complete kitchen newbie. I always try to write them as clear as possible, but you always need to know the cooking basics. For instance, how far to heat oil in a pan before frying something in it. Or how to cook pasta. Basic stuff like that.

Why do you use both grams/ml and cups and not just one or the other?

When I first started this blog I had the intention of using only very precise measurements of ingredients. After a while it became clear, that this was so impractical. So I mixed things up at my (and hopefully your) convenience. The only time when I try to stick to gram no matter what is when I post the odd cake recipe. But in cooking a little more or a little less usually doesn’t hurt the recipe (that’s why I like cooking soooo much more than baking).

Why are your cooking times so imprecise?

Because every stove is different. Every pan and pot is different. Every potato and every brand of pasta is different. The times I provide in the recipes are guidelines and nothing more. So when in doubt, trust your instinct and experience and not my recipe, because the times may not apply in your case.

Why do you rarely give an amount for salt, pepper and chili in a recipe?

Because saltiness and spiciness are a matter of taste. While one person likes their chili rather mild, the next one likes teary eyes while eating. Same with salt. So I often just write „season to taste“. So this is what you should do. Taste your food while you’re cooking and adjust the seasoning accordingly.

Why do you make spelling errors?

In the years I’ve been running this blog I’ve gotten a comment here and there about spelling errors from native English speakers. Some of them are amusing, most of them are a bit condescending and some are plain rude. So… I said it many times before and I will say it again: I am NOT a native English speaker. While I think my English is decent, I will make some errors here and there. So if you could find it in you to ignore them, that would be super. If your inner grammar nazi just can’t bear it, please be respectful and I’ll be happy to change them.

Why do you like Jamie Oliver so much?

He’s English and gorgeous and he loves good food. What’s not to like?