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Happy Grilled Cheese Day!

by Sandy
Mozarella and roasted bellpeppers grilled cheeseGruyere, caramelized onions, mushrooms and bacon grilled cheeseGorgonzola and spinach grilled cheese sandwichFeta, olives and hot peppers grilled cheese

A couple of days I found out online, that today is Grilled Cheese Day! And I thought to myself: What a PERFECT excuse to eat nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches for an entire weekend. All for the blog of course *cough*. Without the blog I would never to that…

That’s a straight lie… I totally would. And did before, because I freaking love grilled cheese sandwiches.

In Germany the classic grilled cheese sandwich is not a thing. You get paninis and melts here and there in cafés or bakeries, but grilled cheese is not really common. The closest thing we have are sandwich-makers and they do produce decent results, but you can’t put too much on the sandwich or you’ll make a big mess. One day I came across a student cookbook, that had a grilled cheese recipe in it and even though I was at first skeptical of using the pan, I was convinced when I took the first bite.

Since then grilled cheese in all its glory is a constant in my kitchen. I went from simple gouda or cheddar sandwiches, to fancier cheeses and more unusual combinations to go with it. So over the next days I will only post my favourite grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cheesy goodness, here I come!!

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