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Behold… the family veggies!

by Sandy

Usually I go and see my parents at least once a week. And lately the first thing I have been doing is run straight around the house to check on the veggie garden my Dad keeps in the back. It started many years ago with some tomato and zucchini plants and now that my Dad’s retired for about three years it turned into a bigger number. 


This year he has gathered quite an impressive amount of different veggies. We have delicious yellow and green zucchini, aubergines, cucumbers, onions, the odd potato, peppers and of course…. the holy tomatoes. 

Dad's garden 2015Dad's garden 2015

The tomatoes are the main reason I keep checking the garden as soon as I arrive is to see if there are any red tomatoes. There haven’t been yet, but they should only take 1 week now and I am beyond excited. Dad’s tomatoes have spoiled me for any store bought ones. The tomatoes at the local supermarkets look lovely, all round and red and perfect and they taste…. like shit. Seriously. They taste like nothing at all. You have to dump a load of mozarella and olive oil on them to make them bearable. Needless to say I am not buying those anymore and I’d rather wait for our family tomatoes. They look big and bold and wonky and sometimes even a bit ugly, but they are so delicious. Juicy, sweet and amazing. I love to enjoy them with just some salt and olive oil. What a perfect treat in summer. And of course they make the perfect pasta sauce. I can’t wait…

Dad's garden 2015Dad's garden 2015Dad's garden 2015

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