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I’m back.

by Sandy

After 3 months of first packing up my entire life into cardboard boxes, moving them to our new place and unpacking and organizing my stuff, I didn’t even have time to feel guilty about not tending to my blog. Now almost all boxes are unpacked and this flat is starting to look like a home, it’s time to go back to blogging. I missed it a good deal and I’m so looking forward to try new recipes.

I wish I could tell you that I now have an amazing new, huge, bright kitchen that will look lovely in blog photos. However, I do not. Everything about this flat is fabulous, but the kitchen it a bit of a dark hole I’m afraid. It’s sufficiently big and I finally have a dishwasher and I like working in it, but it’s certainly not dream-kitchen-material.

I do however have a lovely new study. A huge living room with a fireplace. And big balcony that will be just perfect for bbqs in summer. So the kitchen will just have to remain practical.

Anyways… I’m glad to be back!

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